If only we could freeze time. A++

Very impressive film. I personally don’t dedicate much time to television or movies anymore due to the over-saturation of modern tasteless entertainment. However, the catchy title and my love for Psychology drew me in to give this one a chance. I could not stop watching it. The producer leaves you wanting more throughout. I can see this having a sequel or even developing into a mini-series. As I analyzed each character’s interactions, it was evident there was a deeper meaning to be discovered. Leaving Circadia makes you value the ships that pass by at night and the impact those short moments have in your life.
The chemistry of the characters was very captivating. They were entertaining but heartfelt and realistic.
I think anyone could envision their own lives within this magnetizing storyline which brought it close to home. I found myself sharing many similarities with the leading actress.
I loved the scenes used in setting the tone and mood. Great acting! Great producing! Great movie!

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